Reception tech

Reception tech
Montgomery, IL, US
Job ID : R-057254
Job ID : R-057254

Responsible for the efficient and effective collection of plasma from donors by performing venipuncture, monitoring the
pheresis process and following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

1. In compliance with SOPs, performs all aspects of the pheresis procedure and plasma collection, including donor setup,

donor monitoring and donor disconnect.


In compliance with SOPs and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, performs venipuncture on donors to

begin pheresis process.


Evaluates vein performance of the donor to identify possible problems; makes necessary corrections in order to

expedite donation time and ensure product quality and donor safety. Ensures donation process is efficient and

makes adjustments when necessary to make the process a positive experience for the donor.


May educate new donors on the use of therapeutic products made from donated plasma. Explains the screening

process, the health screening tests performed, the appointment system, donation fees, center policies, proper

nutrition and any other information pertinent to the donor. Ensures that all donor questions are answered timely,

accurately and professionally.

5 Maintains alertness to any reaction by donors and assists with reactions or notifies appropriate staff.


Uses Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to record incidents that occur during the pheresis process, such as machine

alerts and alarms, volume variances and donor adverse events.

7 Required to perform calibrations and verify that maintenance has been performed as outlined in the SOPs. Required

to respond to and resolve complex equipment alarms or donor issues.


Troubleshoots equipment failures. Creates incident documentation, removes and/or replaces equipment from



Monitors donor flow on the donor floor to assure continuous turnover. Alerts Group Leader of Supervisor of donor

flow issues.


Collects arm samples or whole blood samples from donors for testing.


Ensures the accurate recording of donor data in the electronic donor information management system as outlined in

the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


Understands the policies and procedures associated with hyper immune programs at the center if applicable.

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